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The story of me Empty The story of me

Post  Lala:D on Wed Aug 12 2009, 22:10

The story of me is sad and true.
That's why I'm always feeling blue.

Why you ask? I will say because maybe I'm fading away,
But if I must, may I ask, please give me a smile and let it last.

For I shall weep in agony and pain and wish and pray it will be okay,
For life is precious and dreams are too--is there something I could do?

For dreams are pretend and life is real, not to kill and lie and steal,
But, please, I ask, give me this, for it is
My only wish: to laugh and play like years ago.

But here I am, sad and blue,
Tears and rags and nothing new,
But not for long--I ask of you, give me joy and laughter, too.
by: Marta M. Romero

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