Falling on Deaf Ears

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Falling on Deaf Ears Empty Falling on Deaf Ears

Post  Lala:D on Sat Aug 15 2009, 05:47

Falling on Deaf Ears
by: Angela La Mas Hoolick

Life blooms and fades before our eyes,
before we even realize,
before we fly, before we dance,
before we ever get the chance
to savor what we grow to be
a now completed you and me.
Striving toward our "empty" goals,
we forge ahead and pay our tolls,
and as we near the planned outcomes,
our hearts still unfulfilled become
aware that while we worked so much
we lost our sight and dulled our touch.
We missed the payoff in our zeal
to reach the top and seal the deal.
All caught up in getting there,
we can't enjoy the ride,
and then instead of peace; despair,
as goals and souls collide.

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