250k honor gain over night.

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250k honor gain over night. Empty 250k honor gain over night.

Post  KrussianRussian on Sun Aug 16 2009, 20:14

I have an account on server 24. It used to be a good account, but I've just recently stopped caring and just started to attack random people. My prestige is 130k and my honor was 0. Until last night.

I attacked this one guy, with 200k prestige just for fun and to get a bit of resources, I guess he was asleep.

My defences were;
2750 AT's
1000 Traps
100 Abatis

Level 9 walls with 8 archery.

A small defence you might think? Well read this and you will think again.

They started out by scouting my cities;


No success for them. Then they tried to attack me while randomly scouting between attacks:


I left the random scout reports out, there were too many of them.

I ended up losing;
4 Archer Towers,
1000 Traps,
19 Abatis

This proves, that small against stupid, small always wins.
Archer Towers are the way to go.

I killed a few thousand of their ballistae and every single other troop they have. I have also gotten 7 invites from alliances asking me to come into theirs. I might just stay by myself because I'm doing so well.

I never expected to to well on that account and now getting 250k honor overnight? I hope they attack me again. It was fun when I saw the reports.

I also sent a message to the idiots that attacked me thanking them for it.

edit: I have tried to use the URL thing, but it didnt work. sorry.

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