Tiber's Poem. By Artemis999

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Tiber's Poem. By Artemis999 Empty Tiber's Poem. By Artemis999

Post  Lala:D on Thu Oct 15 2009, 22:05

If I had an envelope,
And it was clean and white and empty,
I would fill it with luck for you.
I would put prayers in it,
Until nothing else would fit.
And then along the edges
I would glue in more luck
Until the envelope was heavy and cumbersome.
I wouldn't seal it
Until I'd put every good thing I could
Inside that envelope.
And then finally
I?d trace the top of it
With a good-luck charm
Make it promise to keep you
From any kind of harm
And watch outside my window
For a shooting star that just might tell me
Wherever on this earth you are.
By Artimis999 Smile

We love and miss you Tiber.. We give you all our prayers and wish you luck on your journey. When you come back we will be here waiting with open arms and love for you.
Love, Lala

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