Rose and lion medal farming

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Rose and lion medal farming Empty Rose and lion medal farming

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 23 2009, 16:28

The way I do this is quite simple, but very fast paced. It is as follows:

Find a level 3 valley that is close to you. Lakes are preferred, but any will do. Have at least a level 5 feasting hall full of heroes. Have at least 600 archers at the ready. That is step 1.

Step 2: Click on the valley, and click attack. You are going to send 120 archers with 1 of your heroes. After you send this wave, wait 30 seconds and send another wave. Repeat this for all 5 heroes. (3-4 miles is a good distance for this)

Step 3: In between each wave you sent, you are going to click on the valley you are attacking, and you are going to abandon it. This gives it time in between to refill.

If you have any questions, or I didn't explain something well here, contact me here, or in game.

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Rose and lion medal farming Empty Re: Rose and lion medal farming

Post  KrussianRussian on Mon Jul 27 2009, 14:16

This is what I have done for many of my medals. I would show you the statistics that I have gotten from a grassland and a lake, but it seems that the medal drop rate and which medal comes from where changes daily. I did not see any consistancy with the drop rates.

I like this method, thanks Live for showing it to us Very Happy

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