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Post  Lala:D on Thu Sep 17 2009, 22:03

Ok at school we had to make up a story about our own lemon. We had to be creative.

I’ve always wanted to venture to my original planet, Bonobo. But that was harder than I thought it would be.

I never really had much here on Earth. I was too young to remember much of anything. I have only a few vivid memories. All I remember is that I was simply going for a cruise on my ship. And I had some difficulties with the engine. I was forced to make a crash landing on Earth.

I landed on such a strange planet. I have never really grown used to gravity, and it’s hard not having any of my own kind here. Being the only one round and yellow, with a hole that a weird human gave me, is hard sometimes. I decided to learn how to repair my ship and go home. It is my dream.

First, I had to find a rocket engine to replace my damaged one. There was only one place to get one, NASA. Luckily I found a operational engine in the dumpster! My luck!

Second, I needed a pair of young strong hands to help. I found Michael looking for work at Home Depot. He said he would help me put my engine in.

Now came the hard parts. Taking the engine out, and putting the new one in. When we got to the ship we immediately got to work. When we got to the center, and it came time to remove the engine, it was so heavy!

Finally after backbreaking hewing we got the bad engine! “Thanks Michael. Lets meet back tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. so we can get back to work.” I said.
“Okay sir, see you tomorrow.” He yelled as he walked away.

In the morning it came time to put the new engine into the ship. “Okay, on three.” I ordered.
“1. 2. 3!” We both pulled as hard as we could. We managed to get the engine into the slot. At the same time me and Michael breathed, “I hate gravity.”
“Well, looks like our work is done, Michael.” I backed away from the new engine.
He replied, “I guess so.”
“Thank you so much for the help!” I told him excitingly.
“No problem,” He replied. “I was happy to help.”

Finally, the day I got to go to my home planet. No words were able to describe my excitement. I did one final walk through of the ship. Now, the moment I had been waiting for! “5. 4. 3. 2. 1!”
The engine was stronger than, a billion horses. I shot up into the air and sunk into my seat from the ships speed. After a couple minutes the ship was well into the air. Finally I felt that weightless feeling I have been waiting for.

It is amazing to be back in space where I feel I belong. After a couple hours of lighting speed, my planet came into sight. I can see all of the green trees. Just the look of the planet was so soothing. Finally I landed. After countless years of being by myself, I was home at last.
By Tierra
*Cough* And Sunny *cough*

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